Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have my banner on your blog?
A: Yes. But some conditions must be met.
  • That works both ways, so my banner has to land on your site too.
  • Your site has to be somehow related with mine. So it should be about music, movies, books etc.
  • Your site must be active. After two months of inactivity, your banner will be removed. Bitch.
  • Your banner has to be in particular size, format etc. (I'll tell you more when I receive your request)
  • Some popularity of your site would be nice.
  • The final condition is me liking your site. If you post some bullshit about Justin Bieber or other faggotery, you have no place here. Screw you.
If you think you met above criteria, contact me via e-mail.

Q: Could you review the album of my band, so I can promote it here? Please, please, pleaaaase? :3

A: Of course! Click "Promote your band!" button in the main menu of my blog. Read this shit and do what it says.

Q: Can I request a review?
A: Yes, but primo - I must have the album you want to be reviewed in my collection.
If I haven't the record you're asking for then - secundo - you send it to me (I LOVE GIFTS!) or tertio - go away.

Q: May I copy your review and post it on my site or anywhere else?
A: Yep. You only have to sign me and add link to my blog below the text.
Here's the example of what you have to write under copied review:
Source: Greg, sliceofmusic.blogspot.com
This condition MUST be done to copy and redistribute my reviews. Otherwise I will sue your ass for a fuckin' eleventy romanian dollars and you'll be shower-raped in prison. Bitch.
I would also appreciate telling me about placing my reviews on your site, blog, magazine or whatever.

Q: How to contact you?
A: There are several ways to do that. You can write me a sweet e-mail (sliceovmusic@gmail.com), you can send me a private message on blogger, you can write a comment on my blog or send a homing-pigeon with a message.

Q: Can my site or magazine cooperate with Slice of Music?
A: Write me an e-mail and we're gonna discuss details.

Q: Why there are ads on your blog?
A: Fun fact: did you know that you can get a CD, using your money?
That's right Sherlock! I need money for new CDs to review! So click'em if you want. Maybe you'll find something interesting.

Q: How can I help to promote Slice of Music?
A: Like and share my blog and single reviews via Facebook, Google+, e-mail, AddThis, Pinterest, Digg and other cool sites. Also follow my blog on Google Reader! All this stuff can be done in the menu on the left and under each post.
Oh, and the most important - COMMENT!

Q: Who the fuck are you anyway?!
A: I AM THE LORD OF PANCAKES! Woe to him who dares not to eat pancakes with banana jam, in glory of the master!

Q: Are you a republican or democrat?
A: I don't give a single fuck.

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