Promote your band!

Do you play in a band? Got some records? Demos? A full album? Maybe you want to advertise it somehow? Or maybe you're just curious about what I think about your music? Too many questions? Really? Oh really? Yeah? 

Ok, here's a deal: you send me your CD (original, full release, not a home recorded crap signed with a waterproof pen) and I will review it on Slice of Music. I review every genre. The only thing you need to do is to contact me at and we're gonna discuss some details.

I get a free CD - You get a free review!
The best way to share your music with the world!

This offer is addressed mostly to small, not well-known bands who want to get some more popularity, but music stars are welcomed too.
One more thing... If I give you 8/10 or more in a review, a link to your site might show up on my blog. :)